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AUTHOR: Nadia Cavallo
SINGER: Nadia Cavallo
GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Christian Cavallo
ILLUSTRATED BY: David Di Cristoforo
YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 2019 (Current Edition)
GENRE: Educational
RECOMMENDED AGE: Kinder to Grade 6 & Lower Secondary School students (3 to 14 years old)
NUMBER OF PAGES: “An Italian Christmas Adventure Resource Book” 67 pages; “The Story Of La Befana” Bilingual Book 35 pages
FORMAT: “An Italian Christmas Adventure Resource Book”, CD & DVD & “The Story Of La Befana” Book
LANGUAGES: Italian & English

Nadia Cavallo, l’intraprendente insegnante d’italiano di Geelong (nello stato del Vittoria), ha lanciato la sua ultima creazione, un favoloso progetto rivolto all’insegnamento della lingua italiana questa volta trattando della festa di Natale. Il progetto “An Italian Christmas Adventure” utilizza il filmato vero che Nadia, assieme alla sua inseparabile marionetta Pinocchio, ha registrato durante una sua recente vancaza in Italia e assieme alla musica, al testo e al libro sulla storia della Befana, sono delle fantastiche risorse didattiche per insegnanti e anche per genitori, nel far conoscere ed insegnare ai più piccoli cosa rappresenta e come si celebra il Natale in Italia.

“An Italian Christmas Adventure”
is the sequel to Nadia Cavallo and Pinocchio’s “An Italian Adventure”. The success of the previous DVD prompted Nadia and Pinoccho to take to the streets of Italy again, this time to experience an Italian Christmas. Together they share their new adventure showing us typical Christmas traditions, interesting places and allows us to join them on their search for “La Befana”. This Christmas unit of work has everything you will ever need. It Includes:

1) “AN ITALIAN CHRISTMAS ADVENTURE RESOURCE BOOK”: this resource book was created to accompany and compliment the DVD and CD for “An Italian Christmas Adventure”, a concept created by Nadia herself. The book is divided in two sections. The first section includes words to Nadia’s original songs as well as words to some traditional songs and poems. You will also find more information on traditions and places featured on the DVD. The second section contains educational and art activities, two plays and a quiz.

 This DVD has been divided in three parts, no longer than approximately 19 minutes.

Part 1: “Going To school” – “Christmas In The City” – “I Zampognari” – “Going Shopping” – “Christmas Traditions In The Home”;
Part 2: “Christmas Celebrations” – “Nativity” – “Family & Entertainment” – “Going To The Snow”;
Part 3: “New Year’s Eve” – “Searching For La Befana” – “La Festa Della Befana”.

3)”AN ITALIAN CHRISTMAS ADVENTURE” CD: The CD has been included as a resource for teachers to use independently from the DVD. It included 4 original songs which feature in the DVD, they are: “Natale In Italia” – “La Befana” – “Il Regalo” – “Torrone”.

The following songs also feature on the DVD and are examples of traditional Italian Christmas tunes: “Tu Scendi Salle Stelle” – “Astro Del Ciel” (“Silent Night”) – “Tin Tin Tin” (Jingle Bells) – “Venite Fedeli” (“O, Come All Ye Faithful”) and one that Nadia has loosely translated: “Vi Auguriamo Un Buon Natale” (“We wish you a Merry Christmas”)

4) “THE STORY OF LA BEFANA” BILINGUAL BOOK: This delightful story explains how “La Befana” came to be (in Italian & English).

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